Our Reviews

Larry T.
Job Well Done!

“Thanks to you, the move process and settling in went smoother.  Out of all you packed, some superbly, all survived in one piece.  The outcome of the move were excellent.  Moreover, we enjoyed the process, interfacing with professional and wonderful folks.  Job well done!”

Pat T.
Friendly & Professional

Loved working with Amanda. She was friendly, but professional. She helped me so much in getting ready for my move.  

Bobbie G.
Highly Recommended

This is a fabulous person to work with if you are downsizing or you just have a " lot of stuff" to get rid of. Amanda is efficient, knowledgeable and very gracious to work with. She makes you feel like your "stuff" is a precious gem. I highly recommend her!  

Lynda B.
Thee Consummate Business Professional

I am honored to endorse and recommend the services of Smooth Transitions of North GA & Amanda Rydel. Amanda’s support rescued me during a very difficult time in my life. She is thee consummate business professional .  Her easy-going but impressive task-driven style not only make her a pleasure to be around but gave me confidence that she would get the job done right!.  She  has extraordinary organizational skills, works with great efficiency &  goes  beyond expectations.  Her fee is extremely reasonable & provides high value for any money spent.

Marck & Janice L.
We Appreciate All You Did Very Much

We moved into our new home in Big Canoe just before the Christmas holidays. Amanda had previously been helping the people that we purchased the home from with their move to their new home. The timing of meeting her could not have been better. We run a business. Between work, the move and trying to finish our shopping for Christmas, we were stretched to the limit. Amanda stepped in and helped with the unpacking. She did a great job of getting the kitchen, dining room and several other areas of the home up and running. Without her help, we would still be living with boxes. She not only unpacked, she lined the cabinets, ensured glassware was clean and placed everything in the cabinets in a really aesthetically pleasing manner. Amanda helped for several days and that made all the difference for us. Thank you Amanda for all you help. We appreciate all you did very much.

Robert B.
Highly Recommended

Amanda helped me pack and move to downsize my Big Canoe home. She also arranged to auction off what I no longer needed. All at a reasonable cost ! I highly recommend using her service.

Ed & Patricia D.
Move Between States

I want to compliment you on the excellent packing job you did for Patricia and I during our recent move! With us living in another State, and unable to be there but a few days, you handled our possessions with care, and finished the job on time! We are happy to report that every item arrived well wrapped and undamaged. We can highly recommend your services to anyone who values high quality work and pleasant, smiling people to work with!

I Totally Believe In You and Your Service

It is so good to know someone trustworthy who can assist our dear folks at a time when they need help so badly. Thank you for being there.

Grateful For All You Did

I continue to be grateful for all you did for us, moving Mom out of her house. And then out of her apartment in the retirement community.

B. Norton
I Could Not Have Downsized Without Smooth Transitions

I do not know how I could have downsized without Amanda. After trying to sell my house for 2 1/2 years, it finally sold. But, the new buyer gave me only one week to move from a 3750 square foot home to a total of 730 square feet. Amanda was able to not only make all the moving arrangements and complete the packing, but she also worked with a local estate sale company to help disperse my treasures that would not fit in my new space. Amanda worked with me over several days as I physically felt like it to help me unpack and get settled in my new home. A job well done!